Eliminate paper reports
for Security Officers!

Your officers can do reports right
from their mobile devices.


Security Officer Report Management

OfficerReports.com speeds the delivery of important information from your Security Officers' Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports, etc. to your clients by eliminating the paper and delivering the information via the web. OfficerReports.com is easy to use, so signup for our 30 day free trial and see for yourself.



Daily Activity Reports

By using OfficerReports.com Daily Report App to record your Security Officers' Daily Activity Reports your officers' reports are instantly available and searchable by authorized users as soon as they are submitted. The reports are stored in the cloud for easy storage and retrieval.



Incident Reports

When Security Officers use OfficerReports.com's Incident Report App the proper personnel will ALWAYS be notified IMMEDIATELY of any incidents that occur on the property. The app allows the officers supervisor to review the submission for accuracy and clarity. The report is then stored in the cloud for easy search and retrieval.



Maintenance Requests

By using the OfficerReports.com Maintenance Request App, Security Officers will be able to instantly notify the appropriate personnel of any maintenance related issues at their properties. These reports are stored in the cloud and can be tracked to ensure that the requests have been addressed.



Incident Checklist

The Incident Checklist allows you to specify the steps that the security guards should take when addressing any incident on-site. The checklist are used by the security officer as a quick reference to ensure that they are responding appropriately.



Pass On Log

OfficerReports.com's Pass On Log easy the easiest way for your security guards to pass information from shift to shift. The shift notes that the guards enter can be easily found and reviewed to make sure that all guards have informed of new occurrences or instructions.



Truck Log

If your guards are responsible for checking trucks at your client site, now you can WOW your clients by taking their logs digital. Check trucks in and out via your mobile devise and include additional notes and pictures as necessary.