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Security Officer Incident Checklist – New Feature

Security Officer Incident ChecklistFollowing written policy and procedure during an incident can make the difference between people walking away safely vs. the loss of life or property.  Because of the anxiety associated with being involved in an emergency, security officers may find it difficult to remember their emergency procedures.  As a result, has developed an Incident Checklist feature as part of our Security Guard Reporting App.

Security Officer Incident Checklist

The Security Officer Incident Checklist is a simple easily accessible checklist of the steps that officers should take during an incident.  The Incident Checklist allows security guard vendors to outline 5 different incident types and the steps that their officers should follow during an emergency.  By using the Incident Checklist, your security officer will no longer have to access your post order binder or rely on their memory.  They can click one button in the Reporting App and have their procedures immediately available.  Take a look at our Security Officer Incident Checklist video and see how simple it is for your security officers to access and follow.  You can also sign up for our Free 30-day Trial to see all of Security Guard Reporting App features.



By Courtney Sparkman

Security Guard Company Cold Calling Mechanics

Security Guard Company Cold CallingSelling for a security guard business takes blood, sweat, and tears. Commoditization of security guard services and long sales cycles have become the reality for business development professionals in the security guard industry.  As a result of these changes, having a long-term marketing strategy is more important than ever.  Your marketing strategy should focus on 5 different elements: 


Of this list, cold calling is probably the most misunderstood of a security guard company’s marketing strategy.  Notice that I say “marketing” and not “sales” strategy.  The purpose of security guard company cold calling, is not to make a sale over the phone; it is to gather information that allows you to sell more effectively later.  There are some basic steps that you should focus on during a cold call.

 Security Guard Company Cold Calling

There are 4 basic steps to mastering your cold calling mechanics.  Those steps are:

  1. Get the person’s attention – Start off by letting them know who you are: “Hi this is John Public and I’m calling from Acme Security.  We are a local provider of security guard service here in Miami, how are you?”
  2. Qualify the lead – Make sure that this is a company that you should be pursuing:  “I am calling to see if you currently use security guards at your property…”
  3. Acknowledge their purchasing process – Chances are the prospect won’t be thinking about security until a much later date, so let them know that you understand that.  Step 3 should directly follow Step 2.  “…and if so, when is the best time for me to contact you regarding submitting a proposal?”
  4. Schedule a follow up activity – At this point the prospect realizes that you are not trying to sell them anything during that phone call, so they are more likely to be open to follow up activity. “Ok, I will contact you then, but in the meantime can I have your email address to send you some information about our company for you to keep on file?”

Once you have completed step 4, you are getting off the call having accomplished 2 very important goals. 1) You have demonstrated to the prospect that you are a professional that understands their purchasing process; and 2) You have an email address which allows you to add them to your email marketing campaign.

Security guard company cold calling is never fun.  But after you reach step 4 in the cold calling process, you can start focusing on truly closing the deal.

Are you currently using cold calling as part of your business development strategy and if so how successful are you?  Please leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.




By Courtney Sparkman

Security Officer Pass On Log via

Security Officer Pass On’s Security Officer Pass On Log is the easiest way for your security officers to pass on information from shift to shift and officer to officer.  The shift notes that the officers submit in the Pass On Log are stored in the cloud and can be easily found and reviewed by all the site’s officers. The Pass On Log helps to ensure that all the officers have been informed of new occurrences or instructions on-site.

Take a look at the video and then Sign Up to see how helps security officers maintain a consistent flow of vital information.

Security Officer Pass On Log


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Security Officer Maintenance Request via

Security Officer Maintenance RequestAs most security guard contractors  understand, their security officers are the eyes and ears of their clients.  So while your security officers are on patrol, chances are they will encounter equipment or areas of the property that need to be addressed by the property’s maintenance staff.    If that is the case, the security officer will need to submit a security officer maintenance request to the appropriate contact at the property.  The maintenance request should document the nature of the repair needed, the location, and the person that has been notified.  These reports are essential in helping reduce premises liability for your clients.’s Security Officer Maintenance Request

By using the’s Maintenance Request, security officers will be able to instantly notify the appropriate personnel of any maintenance related issues at the property.’s reports are stored in the cloud and can be tracked by property managers to ensure that the requests have been addressed.  Take a look at our video to see how our Security Guard Reporting App helps streamline maintenance reporting and eliminates paper security officer maintenance request forms.


By Courtney Sparkman

Security Officer Incident Report via

Security Officer Incident ReportSecurity Officer Incident Reports are one of the most important forms that a security officer will complete while on duty.  When something occurs that is outside the normal scope of events for a security officer, s/he should complete an incident report.  These events can range from a power outage to an altercation that the security officer witnessed.  It is important that the security officer records the incident in detail and in an unbiased manner.  In many cases, the security officer’s incident report could possibly be used by your client’s lawyers or insurance company in responding to a law suit.

Security Officer Incident Report Details

Because of the role that these reports play in law suits, the “W’s” (who, what, when, where, and how) of the incident must be accurately captured at the time of occurence.  By describing these “W’s”, the security officer will help outline:

  • The date of the incident
  • The time of the incident
  • The location of the incident
  • Injuries or damage suffered as a result of the incident
  • Information for any first responders that were on site
  • Any witnesses who might be useful
  • Etc…

Paper vs. Digital

Although paper security officer incident reports have been used for decades, paper reports are inefficient and can be too easily lost or misplaced.  Additionally, they do not allow the officer to capture pictures, audio, or video of the incident scene that might be useful at a later date.  But by using the incident report feature in Security Guard Reporting App, these reports will never be lost.  Our incident report feature also allows security officer’s to capture pictures, audio, or video of the incident and make the report immediately accessible by the client and vendor.  Take a look at our product video to get an inside peek at our reporting app.



By Courtney Sparkman

Security Officer Daily Activity Report via

Security Officer Daily Activity ReportSecurity Officer Daily Activity Reports are one of the common denominators amongst most, if not all, security forces across the country.  These reports are used by every security officer to document their activities while on duty.  These reports are typically provided to the security officer’s client, so they need to be legible, accurate, and thorough.  The information in a security officer daily activity report can vary from company to company, but they will all include details about certain basic information:

Security Officer Daily Activity Report Details

  • Officer’s Full Name
  • Date & Time
  • Post s/he is working
  • Place for the observations that they make during their tour of duty.
  • Place to verify authenticity (i.e. signature line)

Paper Reports vs. Digital Reports

Because security officer daily activity reports are used every hour, of every day, by every security officer, the number of reports can accumule quickly.  As a result, the information contained in those reports can be lost in the stacks of paper that get filed away in desk drawers and file cabinets.  But when security guard contractors convert from paper reports to digital reports, it allows the information contained in those reports to be easily archived and retrieved.  Take a look at our video to see how our Security Guard Reporting App eliminates paper security officer daily activity reports.







By Courtney Sparkman



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90 day free trial ending for incident report, daily activity report, software.


If you were planning to enroll in our 90 Day Free Trial for our Security Guard Reporting App which includes features that allow you to replace:

  • Paper Daily Activity Reports
  • Paper Incident Reports
  • Paper Maintenance Requests
  • Paper Pass On Logs
  • Paper Truck Logs

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Security Guard Reporting App For Incident Reports, Daily Activity Reports, and More

Take a tour of our Security Guard Reporting App and see how we are helping our clients eliminate paper based incident reports, daily activity reports, maintenance reports and several others.  Our app was designed to be easy to use, so it can be mastered by even your most technology challenged security officer.  Contact us for more information.




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Incident Reports & Daily Activity Reports Go Digital

Smartphone replaces paper incident reports and daily activity reportsWhen we first started, we outlined what we believed would be our top 5 hurdles.  One of those hurdles was getting clients to see the benefits of using smartphone technology in the field.  We thought that security guard contractors would believe that smartphones were too fragile, expensive, and difficult for guard usage.  To my surprise, to date, 46%* of the companies that we have talked to have already distributed some type of smartphone or tablet to at least one of their clients.  Several have done so on a much broader scale.

Replacing Paper Incident Reports and Daily Activity Reports

The benefits of deploying these types of technologies are only restricted by ones imagination.  Most companies are using these devices as a means to speed the delivery of information from daily activity reports and incident reports to their clients.  Most have adapted common office technology, like email, for this purpose.  Although that is a great start, we are hoping that our Security Guard Reporting App  will help our clients eliminate paper incident reports and daily activity reports and be more efficient than email.

Creative Use of Smartphones

At this point, we have not had the opportunity to dig deeper into our client’s use of these technologies.  But I do wonder if they might be visually inspecting posts and uniforms via Apple’s Facetime or Skype? Or maybe using the smartphone to help facilitate web based officer training?

If you have deployed smartphones in the field, how are you using them to drive efficiency and provide better service?  As a security guard contractor what other type of technology do you use to WOW your clients?  We would love to know, please leave your comments below.

*Our sample should not be considered as representative of the industry as a whole.


By Courtney Sparkman