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Hiring Sales Professionals In The Security Guard Industry

Sales Professionals In The Security Guard Industry

If you are a small or medium-sized security guard company you have either considered hiring sales professionals in the security guard industry or have already done so.  If you have any personal experience with sales in this industry, let me tell you what you probably already know “It’s HARD!”  Combine that with the difficulty of finding great sales professionals in the security guard industry and you will eventually find yourself wondering how is your business going to survive.  Before you throw your hands up in disgust, let me give you a few tips on how to find the right sales pro.

Tips on Hiring Sales Professionals in the Security Guard Industry

Based on my experiences being, working with, and hiring sales professional in the security guard industry, I think that anyone looking to hire a sales pro should keep these four tips in mind.

1. Adjust Your Hiring Process

When you are looking to hire great sales people you have to look in the right places.  Typically great sales people aren’t trolling the help wanted ads of your local newspaper.  You will need to find the places that they are spending their time.  When you find them, you have to have a reason that they should entertain an opportunity with your company.

After you’ve found some good candidates, put some thought into how you are going to conduct your interview.  Keep in mind that great salespeople are cold-blooded calm and good at thinking on their feel, so don’t use your usual list of interview questions.  Come up with scenarios that make them demonstrate how nimble they are when faced with tough questions.

2. Find the Right Personality Type

Sales professionals in the security guard industry must be true hunters.  There are very few companies who can rely on inbound leads to stay in business.  So when you are looking for the right sales professional keep these character traits in mind:

  • Ability to make good decisions – Hunters are constantly uncovering new leads so they will need the ability to assess an opportunity and quickly make the decision to pursue it or move on.
  • Must be outgoing – Great salespeople have the ability to exude warmth and quickly build rapport with potential customers.  But they should also know when to stop talking and start listening.  The ability to listen is a salesperson’s greatest asset.
  • Creative problem solving – We all think that our companies have the best services, but a great salesperson needs to be adept at explaining how those services solve the prospect’s problems.  The salesperson needs to be able to think outside the box and creatively show how their services address the prospect’s pain.

3. Get the Compensation Right

Many companies struggle to find the right compensation package for sales professionals in the security guard industry.  Typically compensation comes in the form of base pay plus commission.  Base pay is usually between $45k and $80k, while commission can vary from .5% to 3%.  To get a better understanding of total compensation in your area enlist the services of a security executive recruiting firm.

One strategy that many companies talk about is using commission only sales professionals, but I have yet to hear of any company implementing this strategy successfully.  Hiring commission only sales professionals in the security guard industry is typically a bad idea based on two factors. The first is that because of the long sales cycle not many people can afford to wait around for that first commission check.  They typically don’t stick around very long.  Secondly, because it will typically take a long time to get paid, most of the people who will apply for the position probably don’t really need the money.  Many times these candidates are just looking for a way to augment their primary income.  They want to make money without necessarily having to work too hard for it…do you need more of those?

4. Manage Your Expectations

Once you have found and retained that perfect salesperson make sure that you are ready to give them some time to close that first sale.  Unless they get lucky, you are probably looking at 6 – 9 months before you begin to see any results.

Although there are many excellent candidates for operational positions, it is difficult to find  great sales professionals in the security guard industry.  Despite that, finding the right person is the fastest path to growing your revenue.  Taking your time, finding the right candidate, and giving them the support and tools they need will work wonders for your sales.

What has been your experience in hiring sales professionals?  Please leave your comments below.



By Courtney Sparkman


Give Your Guards Post Orders Tests Over The Web For FREE

post-orders-test Do you wrestle with how to ensure that your officers are knowledgeable about their site’s post orders?  If you are like many of the security guard vendors or managers that I have talked to, then you probably do.  After a little thought and experimentation, I have outlined an easy way to get your officers tested…did I mention it’s all free?  As more and more security guard vendors begin to distribute smart devices a their client sites, this is just another example of how those devices can be leveraged further.

Tools for Post Orders Testing

In order to facilitate your post orders testing you will need a couple of tools, most of which are free or are already at your disposal.  In total there are 5 steps required to put this program into place.  Altogether this process takes about 45 minutes and after you have done one site, you have created a template for additional sites.

1. Create A Post Orders Overview Presentation

Use any available presentation software to create an overview which your officers can use prior to taking the test.  Any of the popular presentation software will suffice (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Docs, etc.)

See Sample Presentation

2. Screen Recording

After you have created the post orders overview presentation, you should then record the presentation for upload and viewing by your officers.  In order to record the presentation for upload you will need some form of screencasting software.  We use Screenflow for screen recording, but if you are running on Windows, Camtasia would be a comparable software choice.  You can also try some of the free software that is available.

3. Upload The Video

After recording the post orders presentation you can upload the video to one of the many video viewing websites on the internet, such as YouTube or Vimeo.  Whichever platform that you choose, it should have the ability to hide your videos so that they cannot be seen by the general public.

See Sample Video

4. Test Administration

Now that you have created and uploaded your post orders presentation for viewing, next you will need to design a test and make it available for use by the officers.  A great way to create and “administer” the post orders test is using one of the many web based survey solutions that are available.  If your company is using Constant Contact that would be a great option.  If not, I would suggest SurveyMonkey.  The basic plan is free, and gives you enough features to get the job done.  Once you have created the survey, place a link to the survey into the comment section of your video so that you officers can easily find it.

See Sample Test

5. Distribution

post-orders-pass-down-logThe last thing that you will need is a way to get the video and test to your officers.  If you are using pass on/down log software like you can place a link in the pass on/down log where your officers can access it.  If not, creating a password protected portal on your current website might be another option for you.

Although this solution is not as streamlined as you might like, it provides a relatively fast, free, and easy way for you to ensure that your officers know and understand their post orders.  If you have questions about any of the tools or techniques discussed here, please feel free to contact us.


By Courtney Sparkman

Version 3.0 Is Here!!!

version-3.0 We are happy to announce the introduction of version 3.0 of our software.  We would like to thanks all of our clients for providing all the insights that we used to create our newest version.  Your input was, is, and will always be invaluable!!!  There are plenty of new features that we can’t wait for you to see, including:

Improved Security Guard Reporting App

  • GPS verification of arrival at site
  • Customizable Reports
  • Upgraded Report Functionality
  • Email Multiple Clients
  • Individual Usernames and Password For Each Officer
  • and More…

Improved Web Portal

  • Streamlined Access
  • More User Friendly
  • Setup Multiple Users For Your Accounts
  • Branded Reports
  • Print and PDF Functionality
  • and More…

NEW! Officer Tour Tracking

  • Track Your Officers From The Same Device
  • Real Time Tracking of Your Officers
  • QR Code Functionality
  • Available On Android Devices

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Version 3.0 Is Coming!

version-3.0Version 3.0 of our popular Security Officer Reporting Software launches on November 10, 2013 with plenty of new features including:

    • GPS verifications
    • User determined customizations
    • Multi-user assignments
    • Branded reporting
    • Print and .pdf functionality
    • Real time officer tour tracking (additional cost)
    • and more

To schedule a demonstration please contact us!