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Do Your Ethics Guide Your Business Decisions?

ethicsRecently I had an interesting experience with a company that signed up for our free 30-day trial.  When a company signs up for our service we have a detailed standard operating procedure that we follow.  So according to our SOP, I began scheduling the necessary resources to ensure that the company received the necessary service and support that they need during their trial period.  Part of that SOP requires me to do some preliminary research on the company.  I was a little surprised to see that this particular company happened to be a competitor.  Although I know that our competition is watching us, (some have even signed up for our newsletter) I didn’t think that they would go so far as to sign up for our service.  Call me a little naive, but my ethics prevent me from doing the same.  Somehow it feels a little like cheating.

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The Security Guard Industry Death Spiral

security-guard-industryI am proud to say that I have been working in the security guard industry for over a decade.  During that time I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most intelligent, capable, dependable, and dedicated professionals that any industry could hope to have.  But over that time I have also noticed what has become a very disturbing pattern of finger-pointing between security guards, security guard buyers, and security guard companies.

Security guards blame their company’s for not paying enough and blame their customers for not giving them the respect that they deserve.

Customers who buy security guard services blame the security companies for not providing adequate training or staffing posts with guards who are not suitable for the job.  They will also blame their guards for not caring enough about their jobs or the duties that they perform.

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