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20 Things To Consider For Your Security Guard Proposal

security-guard-proposalWhen you are asked to submit a proposal for providing security guard service it can be both an exciting and anxious time.  Your proposal can get you excluded from consideration, invited for a formal presentation, or even win you a contract.  Anytime that you submit a security guard proposal you can typically expect stiff competition.  Fortunately, a well written proposal can help set you apart from the crowd.  So when you are invited to submit a proposal always take the time to craft a great response to make the best of the opportunity.

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Not All Security Guard Customers Are Good Customers

security-guard-customersHave you ever heard the saying “The customer is always right”?  Well the truth is, although they may always be right, they are not always right for you.  I learned many years ago that not all business is good business, especially as it pertained to security guard customers.

In many instances when you are responsible for selling security guard service, you are tempted to pursue customers for one overwhelming reason: Revenue.  In the beginning, most new security guard companies have no choice other than to take on any customer that comes through the door.  But the sooner that security guard companies can transition away from that customer acquisition model, the better off they will be in the long run.  Over the course of more than a decade l also learned that there are some tell-tale signs of which security guard customers are going to be bad customers.  Here are a few of those signs:

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Will Technology Eliminate Human Security Guards?

human-security-guardsOver the past decade or so we have begun to see more technologies that remove the need for human involvement from what have traditionally been human activities.  Earlier this year The Economist wrote an article titled “The Future Of Jobs: The Onrushing Wave“.  The article focused on the role that technological innovation plays in eliminating jobs and on its effect on long-term employment.  Reading the article made me question whether or not technological innovation can replace human security guards.

In a separate study by Dr. Carl Frey of the University of Oxford, Dr. Frey predicted that work automation resulting from the use of robots would put up to 47% of existing US jobs at “high risk”.  The chart below is based on information from The Economist article and outlines jobs that are likely to be replaced.  Telemarketers beware…

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