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Would You Share Your Security Company’s Financials?

open-book-managementI was speaking with a customer last week about her security officers’ misperceptions of her company’s finances.  Many of you reading this article have also probably walked away from conversations with officers thinking “He has no idea…”  I personally remember having a conversation with one of my best officers who had recently been promoted to sergeant.  During the conversation he explained that based on his promotion, he deserved a much better raise than what he had received.  That comment by no means came as a surprise.  But what did surprise me, was his next comment “You’re paying me $11.00/hour, but I know that you’re charging the client about $30/hour…” I was totally shocked.  The officer was a very intelligent and capable young man, so I didn’t understand why he thought we were able to command a billing rate of $30.00 per hour on a STATE contract.  Especially since the truth was, we were billing about half of that amount.  But because I was afraid of sharing our security company’s financials, I didn’t fully address his assumption.

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How To Market Your Security Guard Company In The Digital Age

market-your-security-guard-companyWhat’s your biggest challenge as a security guard company? If you said anything other than “Not enough people know about me.” you would probably be wrong.  Marketing your company to potential customers is the lifeblood of your security guard company.  Your company could provide the most responsive service and the best trained officers in the industry, but if potential customers don’t know about you then you are destined to fail.  So how do you market your security guard company?

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