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2014, The Year in Review

top-posts-of-2014I hope that 2014 has been as great a year for you as it has been for me and  Through our blog, newsletter, and online magazine I’ve had the opportunity to have some great conversations with hundreds of professionals in the security guard industry.  As I looked back over the year, I thought that doing a recap of our top 10 blog posts and the top 10 news stories for 2014 would be a great last blog to wrap up the year.

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What Are Your Thoughts On CNN’s Armed Guard Report?

armed-guardI actually had another topic in mind for this blog, but after watching CNN’s investigative report on armed guards, “Hired Guns”, I decided to respond to the report instead.  The report was a little controversial, so it is not surprising that Private Officer International also wrote a very impassioned response on their website.  In addition, CALSAGA sent out an email response detailing California’s requirements for armed guards as well.  If you haven’t seen the report you can find the first part here.  There is a second segment to the report, but a link to it has not been posted at this time.

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How Will Your Officers Respond To Incidents And Emergencies?

respond-to-incidentsIt’s been several years since I have had the responsibility of managing a security force, but looking back there are things that I would definitely do differently.  One of the main things that I would change would be investing more resources into training our officers on how to properly respond to incidents and emergencies.  Responding to incidents and emergencies is one of the primary functions that your customers would like your officers to get right.

Looking back over the years with my company I can think of several examples of how officers responded improperly when dealing with an incident and/or emergency.  I specifically remember one occasion in which we had a relatively new security officer working a post at a construction site on the evening shift. Continue reading