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Do You Really Need Security Guard Management Software?

security-guard-management-softwareDo you really need security guard management software?  If you are a security guard company with more than 5 security officers, the answer is an unequivocal “YES”!  But before I talk about why you need it, let me take a moment to define exactly what security guard management software is.  Security guard management software is a suite of software products that allow security guard companies to better manage their officers and overall operations.  That suite should at a minimum provide Electronic Reporting Software, Security Guard Tour Tracking Software, and Time and Attendance Software.  The software should provide just about everything that you need to effectively operate a security guard company.

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If You’re A Security Guard Vendor, What Should You Blog About?

security-guard-vendor-blogI often talk to security guard vendors about the benefits of blogging, especially as it pertains to brand building.  As part of those conversations I often hear people say “I wouldn’t know how to write a good blog.” or “What would I possibly write about?”  So I am writing this blog as a response to those questions and as a follow-up to my previous article Want New Customers For Your Security Company? Start A Blog!.

If you’re a security guard vendor and you want to know “how to write a good blog”, there are 4 basic principles that you should follow to help structure your content.  Those principles are:

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Having A Security Guard Company Is Just Like Dating

security-guard-company-datingI had a really good conversation with a security guard company owner last week who said something that I thought was pretty insightful.  He said that having a security guard company was just like being in a relationship.  The more I thought about it, the more that I thought his comparison was spot on.  Some of his analogies were so true that I had to share them in a blog.  So Shawn thanks for the inspiration!

Here is how I see the two being similar.  Like a lot of single guys who are dating, I can be very persistent.  In fact, when I was pursuing new business as a security guard company owner I was Continue reading