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Higher Security Guard Wages Won’t Fix Your Problems

security-guard-wagesPersonally, I would love to see a significant increase in security guards wages and not just because it’s hard to feed a family on $7.75 an hour.  But because security officers have a tough and often thankless job which requires some officers to risk their lives on a daily basis.  But at the same time I don’t believe that higher security guard wages are the panacea that some security professionals believe they are.  That’s because there are 3 problems that I see with their line of thinking.

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Don’t Trust Your Security Supervisors If You Want To Fail

security-supervisorI’ve worked across several industries for companies of all sizes.  Of all the lessons that I have learned throughout my career the most impactful have been about managing people.  One of the most important lessons that I learned working in the security guard industry is that it is impossible to be successful without developing great security supervisors.

During my time managing my family’s security guard company I learned some valuable lessons after promoting one of our senior officers to sergeant.  Let’s call this sergeant “Sarge”.  After her promotion, Sarge was responsible for managing a team of about 5 security officers.  At that point in the business we had decided to start delegating some of the responsibilities that we as owners had been managing. Needless to say it was a very tough thing to do, trusting officers like Sarge to make decisions without us.

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What Is Your Security Company’s Customer Mix?

customer-mixOne of the biggest mistakes that a company can make, especially small to medium-sized security guard companies, is to rely too heavily on just 1 or 2 big customers.  I remember winning my first big security guard contract.  It was a real rush and gave me a true sense of accomplishment!  But for small to medium-sized security guard companies who don’t follow-up that one big win with a few more big ones, or a lot of little ones, they are in danger of creating a very poor customer mix.  A poor customer mix can lead to three potential problems for small companies. Continue reading

Knowing vs. Understanding Security Guard Customers

security-guard-customerEveryone says that they know who their customers are, but the real question is do you understand them? Because understanding them could mean the difference between retaining your current security guard customers or losing them to a low-cost competitor.

If you’ve sat through a sales or marketing workshop in the past decade or done any reading on the topic, the phrase “Know your customer” has probably become a bit of a cliché to you.  So it may come as a surprise that although many companies say they know their customers, very few understand them.  I find that especially true in the security guard industry.  Many security guard companies don’t feel the need to truly understand security guard customers because they just see themselves as providers of security officers.  So as long as they can hire, train, and staff their posts they believe that understanding their buyers is not a requirement. Continue reading