Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Next President Should be a Security Guard Company Owner

security-guard-company-ownerAs we glue ourselves to our TVs watching the presidential debates, whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or Independent you have to agree with me on one thing.  That one thing is that being a security guard company owner would be great preparation for the next President of the United States.  Not to demean or trivialize the most powerful position on the planet, but think about these six comparisons:

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Having a Security Business is Like Being a New Father

security-businessI am proud to say that I recently became a first time father to a beautiful baby girl. In between cat naps and changing diapers I started to recognize a certain level of fatigue and lack of control that somehow felt familiar.  It suddenly occurred to me, that I was feeling a lot like I did when I first started my security business.  All of a sudden I could see all the parallels between these two major events in my life. If you don’t get the comparison, try these on for size:

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