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Work On Your Security Guard Business, Not Just In It

What’s your biggest business challenge? If you’re like most security guard business owners, it’s dealing with not having enough time to get things done. It’s impossible to add more hours to your day, and even if there were more, it still wouldn’t be enough because there’s always something else to do. 

As a security guard company owner, you will often find yourself spending too much time working IN your security guard business rather than ON your business. If security officers aren’t showing up to work and clients are calling and complaining, often times you are the one who has to put out the fires. But if that’s all you’re doing, you’ve done nothing to build your business beyond today or tomorrow. Continue reading


Security Guard Management Software, Great For Primes and Subs

Using security guard management software, such as, is a great tool for enhancing performance, accountability and relationships between primary security guarding companies and their subcontractors for large and complex service agreements. I’ve been fortunate over the course of my career to have served in key leadership roles with multiple nationally leading security providers and to have worked with several outstanding subcontracting companies as business partners. Several of these contractual relationships were very substantial, entailing fees of millions of dollars annually and thousands Continue reading