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If Your Security Guard Software Is Charging By The Device, Just Say No!

As a business owner, you know cash flow is key for your growing organization, and you’re always looking for ways to get the most value. And one way owners of growing security firms have sought value is with per-device — also known as per-user or per-seat — pricing for security guard software, with the thinking that the format will allow for scale as their company grows. Under this pricing model, your company pays for the number of “seats” or devices, such as company-issued smartphones, that can access the software; the more devices, the higher the cost.

The problem is, once you look into per-device pricing for report management and how it plays out over time, it becomes clear that it’s an outdated way of doing business that can end up costing your company more than it should. And the industry is responding: Global consulting Continue reading

A Strong Sexual Harassment Policy Is Crucial For Your Security Firm

sexual-harassment-policySecurity firms are all about protection, and at the best firms, that mission applies to employees as well as clients. A key part of fulfilling that promise is a strong sexual harassment policy and program.

It can be tempting to think of this as just another regulatory box to check, but such programs can also help build a strong culture of support and respect in the workplace. “Whenever employees see that their employers take these issues seriously, it helps to build a culture of Continue reading


5 Tips For Attending a Security Guard Bid Conference

Security is an inherently risky industry. And while you want your business to grow, every time you sign a new contract you’re taking on heavy liabilities and risks that could quickly get out of hand.  One of the best ways to get a handle on these risks and opportunities is the security guard bid conference (sometimes known as a pre-bid conference).

Large potential clients, such as municipalities, corporations and health care providers, hold these conferences with multiple security firms at once to give them an opportunity to find out more about the scope of work and the procurer. Continue reading


Are Crimes Against Security Officers Penalized Heavily Enough?

The job of security officer is often a tough one, with officers facing unknown risks and threats every time they come to work. The nature of the profession means security officers must be ready for anything, including life-or-death situations. Even seemingly low-risk locations, such as shopping malls or sporting events, can turn dangerous quickly, and security officers who work in remote areas or at night face even higher risks.   Continue reading