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How SUTA Works and How to Keep Your Security Guard Billing Rate Low

I remember very clearly the first time that I saw the results of a bid where every bidder was required to submit their company cost (i.e. Unemployment rate, uniform cost, workers comp, etc.) to show how their billing rate was calculated. I also remember the shock of comparing my company’s State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) rate against some of the other bidders. I thought that something had to be wrong with our rate because it was noticeably higher than Continue reading


How to Develop Your Security Guard Company’s Unique Selling Proposition

As you already probably know, it can be extremely difficult to stand out as a security  guard company in the security industry. It is a fairly straightforward business, and many people still mistakenly believe that simply “providing good service” is enough to win new clients.

If you truly want to be successful, you will have to identify and develop your company’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Developing your unique selling proposition is a two-step process: 1) Identify your Continue reading


Providing Security Guard Service Is Hard Enough, Stop Lowballing!

When you’re hungry for business, it can be tempting to focus on just coming in with the lowest bid. But this kind of pricing strategy isn’t sustainable and can actually keep your security firm from growing. In addition, underbidding creates an atmosphere of firms racing to the bottom, which hurts the security guard service industry as a whole.

Here’s how to develop a sustainable pricing strategy for security guard service  that provides value and helps your security guard company grow. Continue reading


5 Tips For Attending a Security Guard Bid Conference

Security is an inherently risky industry. And while you want your business to grow, every time you sign a new contract you’re taking on heavy liabilities and risks that could quickly get out of hand.  One of the best ways to get a handle on these risks and opportunities is the security guard bid conference (sometimes known as a pre-bid conference).

Large potential clients, such as municipalities, corporations and health care providers, hold these conferences with multiple security firms at once to give them an opportunity to find out more about the scope of work and the procurer. Continue reading

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5 Terms In A Security Guard Contract That You Should Understand

Sooner or later it happens to you: You’re in the process of courting a new client, one that can really make a difference for your business. Everything seems to be going well, until it comes time to start discussing the security guard contract and then they begin asking questions about those terms that you’ve always meant to figure out. Now what?

It’s always best to have your own contract ready — one that your own legal counsel has gone over with you — so you don’t have to rely on the client’s language. But some potential clients might want to use their contract language, and that can increase your risk to a level you don’t want to take on. The Mechanic Group, a provider of insurance for private security firms, has created a quick primer to get you up to speed on terms that every security company executive should know, with the understanding that you should always consult your own legal counsel before signing any contract.  Here is a summary of their primer. Continue reading


Is Contract Security Ready For Metrics Based Contracts?

Back in 2010 I had a GREAT idea for a new company.  My father and I had recently sold our contract security company, so I was looking for my next challenge.  Prior to selling I’d had a lot of success acquiring new contracts based on our use of technology.  The main component of our technology offering was a wand based tour tracking system which provided our customers with proof that our officers were doing their jobs.  Although that technology is now considered Continue reading

Try This Easy Way of Finding New Security Guard Clients

security-guard-clients-webinarsIf you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that one of our ongoing themes is that cold-calling is no longer an effective way of finding new business.  Your potential customers are just too busy managing their day-to-day operations to talk to you about your company. So how should you go about finding new security guard clients?  I’ve written about the answer to that question in our free eBook All The Things That No One Told You About Selling Security Guard Services, but there is another relatively easy way that I haven’t talked about – webinars.

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Bridging The Gap Between Security Vendor And Partner

In today’s business environment where resources are scarce and sometimes non-existent, how do your customers find answers to the challenges that they face?  If they have the time, they might try searching the internet or posting questions on sites like Quora or LinkedIn.  All of which can provide great answers, but would your customers ever consider using your company as a resource? If not, chances are they see you as just a security vendor.

Consider this, you probably have clients that are fairly similar and have faced and solved many of the same types of challenges.  So if your customers aren’t leveraging you as a resource, both you and your customers are missing a huge opportunity.  Here are a couple of great examples of how I have seen clients tap their vendor networks to help solve some of their challenges.

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FREE eBook: All The Things No One Told You About Selling Security Guard Services

selling-security-guard-servicesWhen we first started blogging back in 2013, we had a really hard time determining what we would write about. Our initial thoughts were to write about how great our software was and all the things that our customers had to say.  After all, we loved our software and our customers did too.  Following a period of some real soul-searching,  we came to the conclusion that that approach would be pretty shallow and not really benefit our customers or our readers.  Instead, we decided that our blog should be a resource for security company managers and owners who were interested in operating more efficiently and learning about selling security guard services.

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The Worst Sales Experience That I Have Ever Had

sales-techniqueBack in late 2014 I sent an online request to a company for information on a service that I was interested in purchasing.  Little did I know that my request would lead to the worst sales experience that I have ever had.  I have been involved with sales and marketing for more than two decades and during that time I have never seen a sale go as badly as this one did.

My first phone call with their company salesperson, let’s call her “Regina”, went fairly well.  Regina did a great job of telling me about the company and explaining the benefits of using their services.  The phone call ended with me asking her to follow-up with me in a week to further discuss purchasing their service.  It was all downhill from there…

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