How I Learned To Compete With Larger Security Firms

Jay Abiona started as a security officer in 1990, and he moved up through the ranks until he was a regional loss-prevention director for a Fortune 100 company. After tiring of the corporate world, he started his own security company that focuses on a better experience, both for its employees and its clients. That approach has won Credible Security Solutions some plum assignments, such as providing security for major events such as New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

“As much I’d like to be successful and have as much business as I can, I also want to offer the personal touch to my employees,” Abiona says. “When you treat employees right, they’ll treat clients right, and you’ll gain more clients.”

Here’s how he has built a small security firm that successfully competes with larger companies.

Foster a Strong Company Culture

Abiona says his company’s culture goes a long way toward differentiating the service he offers. “It’s one of the positive attributes I obtained from the corporate world, and I added it to my company,” he says. “I want to know my employees’ interests, kids’ names and not be out of touch with them or the work they conduct for us.”

It’s simple to put this idea into action, Abiona says: “It’s a matter of being human.” He makes a point to ensure that employees feel respected on the job for their work contributions. He pays them a higher wage and gives them the training that makes them “officers” instead of “guards.”

Set High Standards for Your Company and Clients

Credible Security Solutions prides itself on its officers, most of whom have or are training to obtain a Level IV license in the state of Texas; the credential is required for all personal protection officers (PPOs) and requires a high level of training and experience. For clients, that means even locations that request only an unarmed officer (requiring a Level II license) will have a person with the highest credentials at the post. “We provide a higher quality of service because that officer who is licensed as a PPO has more responsibility securing a higher level of jobs and has gained greater experience as well,” Abiona says.

By providing higher credentials and scope of practice, Abiona is able to charge more and be more discerning about the kinds of clients he takes on. Higher wages for more extensive training also means a better quality of candidates when he needs to fill open positions. “I tell the clients that we don’t charge more to make money as a company but to pay the officers more, and that means a better service,” he says.

Embrace Technology

Technology for training and administration can help make you more competitive. Technology allows you to automate administrative tasks and focus on growing your business, Abiona says. “Be open to technology but don’t let it create distance between you and your employees or clients. It’s a matter of being open to change while sticking to your beliefs and following through on them as well,” he says.

For example, Credible Security Solutions takes advantage of online training to develop its officers’ skills, such as how to better read microexpressions, the tiny facial movements that can potentially telegraph ill intent by an individual.

Technology also helps keep operations running smoothly, since OfficerReports makes it easy to track schedules and activities. Clients and officers alike find it useful, and Abiona uses a dedicated login to show potential clients what it would be like to use it.

Treating employees and clients well is the backbone of Credible Security Solutions’ success. How do you provide a better level of service than your competitors?




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7 thoughts on “How I Learned To Compete With Larger Security Firms

  1. Jay Abiona

    Courtney, I am glad our interview worked out well for you. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. All of us at Credible Security Solutions appreciate you posting the blog as well as linking our homepage. We look forward to many more successful years partnering with you as well. #officerreports #crediblesecurity #cssone #houston #officersnotguards #sb51

    1. ORCadmin Post author

      Hi Jay, thanks for being so free with your time and perspective! We have always enjoyed working with you and look forward to what the future brings!


    Hi Jay,
    It’s good perspective in work relationship between employee’s and the management which will result to business growth of a company in general,we apreciate, thank you.

  3. Bongani Dludla

    All is well said by people who have tried it but here in South Africa things are completely different and for one to get a contract is a mile stone.You do everything that is in the book and really becomes hard all you could get is drop your business profile or email it to me will come back to you. These are the worse terms that i get on daily basis please help with some advices perhaps its me who is not doing the right thing.

    1. ORCadmin Post author

      Hi Bongani, don’t feel bad it happens to EVERYBODY in most industries. We put a lot of tips and tricks in our eBook. Please feel free to download it here. Good luck!

    2. Jay Abiona

      Bongani, you’re correct, I don’t know your area or how the systems work in South Africa but I also get that from time to time and I still think it is a matter of follow up and branding. Dropping a card, brochure or email is fine but that needs to be followed up with a another email, phone call and/or lunch meeting or presentation. I appreciate your response and wish you the best of luck in your area with your agency. If there is anything we can ever do for you in the states, please don’t hesitate to look us up and contact me direct. Credible Security Solutions, Inc. #crediblesecurity #cssone #houston


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