Free Security Proposal Template For Security Guard Companies


After you download your security proposal template, check out the article 20 Things To Consider For Your Security Guard Proposal for tips on how to build a world-class proposal

Unless you are actively soliciting proposals from your current customers, it is sometimes very difficult to figure out what your competition is doing with their security guard proposals. Over the years we have received hundreds of requests to share a free security proposal template for security guard companies to make comparisons. Because of the overwhelming demand, we have made our free security proposal template a file that you can now download.

As a best practice, when developing your own proposal create a template that incorporates every possible piece of information that a potential customer could possibly want to know about your company.  That information should be divided into sections so that you can easily remove any sections that you don’t want to include in a proposal that is being submitted.  What you do or don’t include will depend on the reader’s particular needs.  The sections of your proposal, at a minimum, should include:


In this free template you will find several sections of the proposal that are duplicates. These duplicates reflect different ways of showcasing different information. Again, you can pick and choose which of the duplicates to include depending on your particular situation.

How To Use This Security Proposal Template

 If you plan on using this template, here are 20 Things To Consider For Your Security Guard Proposal.  The template is several years old and doesn’t contain some of the key features that a current security guard proposal should contain, so be sure to modify it and make it your own.  Enjoy!!!

  • Include a Table of Contents so that your prospects can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Include Page Numbers are key if you don’t want to totally frustrate the reader.
  • Add Internal Links to Information to help your reader get to where they need to be faster.
  • Provide An Electronic Copy of your proposal so that you can take advantage of any digital media that you have.
  • Include An Executive Summary for readers with a short attention span.
  • Write from the Customer’s Perspective so that you address their concerns.
  • Customization is necessary for every proposal to assure the reader that you understand their needs.
  • Include Pictures of Uniforms to show the reader what they will be getting. 
  • Incorporate Technology to show the reader how you go about ensuring that you provide quality service.

For more tips on creating a great proposal check out our blog 20 Things To Consider For Your Security Guard Proposal.