How To Market Your Security Guard Company In The Digital Age

market-your-security-guard-companyWhat’s your biggest challenge as a security guard company? If you said anything other than “Not enough people know about me.” you would probably be wrong.  Marketing your company to potential customers is the lifeblood of your security guard company.  Your company could provide the most responsive service and the best trained officers in the industry, but if potential customers don’t know about you then you are destined to fail.  So how do you market your security guard company?

Presently, it is more important than ever to recognize that buyers are more informed and empowered than ever.  In the past, marketing your security guard company may have consisted of direct mail, telemarketing, and maybe some print advertising.  But whatever the case, when a buyer wanted to know more about your services they would call a representative from your company to ask questions.  But now, prospective customers just go to your website or your company’s LinkedIn or Facebook page to find out about your company. Because of the ease of finding information about your security firm, buyers are MUCH less influenced by traditional marketing methods.

If you haven’t realized it yet, the internet has completely changed the way that buyers learn about your company and the way you should market to them.  In fact, research has shown that 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search.  So if you’re still using a lot of direct mail to market your security guard company now’s the time to stop.  If you want to be found by prospects in the digital age, you will have to be found online.  Not only do they have to find your security guard company online, they will have to find you on the first page of their Google (Bing, Yahoo, etc.)  searches.

To stress the importance of being found online, here are a few statistics regarding a website’s click-through traffic based on its position in search results.

  1. The first ranking position in the search results receives 42.25% of all click-through traffic
  2. The second position receives 11.94%
  3. Third position on the first page obtains 8.47%
  4. The fourth placed position on page one receives 6.05%
  5. The others on the first page are under 5% of click-through traffic
  6. The first ten results (page one ) received 89.71% of all click-through traffic,
  7. The next 10 results (normally listed on the second page of results) received 4.37%
  8. Third page receives a total of 2.42 %
  9. The fifth page receives a total of only 1.07%
  10. All other pages of results received less than 1% of total search traffic clicks.

Does Google Charge To Market Your Security Guard Company?

When a person does a Google search they are presented with several types of results.  The two most important types of results are Paid Results and Organic Results. Paid results are basically  paid advertising.  These paid results can be found at the very top or on the side of your Google search page and will be marked as an “Ad“. Companies pay search engines like Google to have their websites or webpages display in these positions for certain keywords.

On the other hard, organic search results are the listings of the websites/webpages that search engines believe most closely match the user’s search query based on relevance.  The results that Google shows as part of their organic results are free and CANNOT be purchased.  So being listed in the top of organic results provides a much greater value to both the searcher and the listed website.


Although getting onto the first page of organic search results doesn’t cost money, it will take time to learn the strategy behind getting ranked.  This strategy is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  SEO is simply the practice of improving and promoting your website in order to increase the number of visitors your site receives from search engines.

Do You Really Need SEO to Market Your Security Guard Company?

The answer is a resounding “YES!”  Search engines can help market your company by driving buyers to your website when they are looking for security guard service.  Although social media and other types of traffic can drive buyers to your website, search engines are the primary method of finding information for most internet users.

Although SEO can be complex and take time to learn, most people will easily understand the basics.  The basics of SEO range from things like what you name your page to the way that other websites link to your website.  I’ve found that even by applying a few simple changes here and there, you can sometimes make a big difference in your website ranking.

Although free SEO tutorials are available all over the web, will be hosting a series of webinars in 2015 to help you, help prospective customers, find you.  If you are interested in attending our SEO webinars, please sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.  But in the meantime, you can get a great start on SEO by downloading the “The-Beginners-Guide-To-SEO” from




By Courtney Sparkman

18 thoughts on “How To Market Your Security Guard Company In The Digital Age

  1. Michael D. Moberly

    Ms. Sparkman:

    With respect to your piece on ‘marketing security services in 2015’, I am most hopeful your time will permit you to read the following blog post, i.e., Permalink:, which I titled ‘Marketing the Intangible Assets Created by Security Products and Services’.

    To be sure, I would enjoy learning your thoughts!

    Most respectfully,

    Michael D. Moberly, President/Founder
    Knowledge Protection Strategies – ‘Intersecting Business, IP, and Intangible Assets’
    Intangible Asset Strategist and Risk Specialist
    St. Louis – 314-440-3593 –
    ‘Safeguarding Intangible Assets’ by Michael D. Moberly

    1. ORCadmin Post author

      Hi Michael, thanks for your comment. Actually it’s Mr. Sparkman, but please just call me Courtney. 🙂

      I had a chance to read your article and I think you are absolutely correct. In the security business you have to have real differentiators and be able to clearly express what those are for potential customers. It was a great article, thanks for sharing!

      1. ORCadmin Post author

        Great points Brian. Unfortunately, most companies, even the bad ones can claim that they have the best customer service, most knowledgeable officers, and offer an environment where officers can excel. I think that you have to show your potential clients something tangible. I have found that buyers have become a little jaded.

    1. ORCadmin Post author

      Hi Thomas thanks for taking time to read our blog. Try checking out our Operations related blog articles, there is A LOT of good information there. Good luck and if you have specific questions hit us on our FaceBook page!

  2. Mabetla Beyers Mamabolo

    I have a big interests in running my own security company,issue is that i dont knw much about running a company and how to get investors.i would like to hear your advice please

    1. ORCadmin Post author

      Hi Nhlosenhle, yes winning new customers requires patience, strategy, and a lot of preparation. Please download out free eBook ALL THE THINGS NO ONE TOLD YOU ABOUT SELLING SECURITY GUARD SERVICES for great insights on how to win new customers. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

    1. ORCadmin Post author

      Hi Gabriel, thanks for reading the article. Please feel free to download our free eBook on selling security guard services here. It gives you much of what you’ll need to know. Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Memory

    Hi Gabriel we’re running a security already but its difficult to find new clients how can i get them…i ‘m working at sales department doing a marketing.please help.

  4. Jim McGovern

    Some very good information, thanks for putting together. Do you have any recommendations on vetting SEO companies? We’ve been doing a lot of what we can in-house, but would like to explore what others can do as well.

    Jim McGovern
    President – Secureone Inc

    1. ORCadmin Post author

      Hi Jim, we are going to be doing a product showcase with a company, Gatorworks, that knows all about SEO. They can definitely assist you in that area. Good luck!


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