Security Officer Incident Checklist – New Feature

Security Officer Incident ChecklistFollowing written policy and procedure during an incident can make the difference between people walking away safely vs. the loss of life or property.  Because of the anxiety associated with being involved in an emergency, security officers may find it difficult to remember their emergency procedures.  As a result, has developed an Incident Checklist feature as part of our Security Guard Reporting App.

Security Officer Incident Checklist

The Security Officer Incident Checklist is a simple easily accessible checklist of the steps that officers should take during an incident.  The Incident Checklist allows security guard vendors to outline 5 different incident types and the steps that their officers should follow during an emergency.  By using the Incident Checklist, your security officer will no longer have to access your post order binder or rely on their memory.  They can click one button in the Reporting App and have their procedures immediately available.  Take a look at our Security Officer Incident Checklist video and see how simple it is for your security officers to access and follow.  You can also sign up for our Free 30-day Trial to see all of Security Guard Reporting App features.



By Courtney Sparkman

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