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This Blog Was Supposed To Be About ASIS 2017

My intent in attending ASIS 2017 Dallas this year was to talk with exhibitors that might have had products or services that were of interest to security guard companies. I intended to take that information and report back to you. But while I was there, I observed several things that I believe are more important than any of the exhibitors at the show. Consequently, I decided to talk about my 3 biggest takeaways from attending ASIS 2017.

ASIS 2017 Takeaway #1: Personal Interaction

Although ASIS would have to confirm this, it seemed like many of the “normal” vendors have started scaling back their booth sizes. I had a chance to talk with a few them, especially the security guard companies, and many confirmed that they were not putting as many resources into the show as usual. The general impression was that they were finding less value from face-to-face interaction.  So ask yourself, if face-to-face is becoming less important how do you connect with potential customers?

ASIS 2017 Takeaway #2: Integrated Guarding

Integrated guarding is the new normal. If you are a security guard company and you are not offering robots or real-time video monitoring you are WAY behind the curve. Many of your competitors have already realized and embraced that buyers are looking to reduce their current security spend. But by offering alternative security services, security companies are able to keep many of those clients and also increase their margins.

ASIS 2017 Takeaway #3: Efficiency

Although increased efficiency has always been at the top of most companies ‘to-do’ list, the need for increased efficiency seems to be reaching a crescendo.  Security guard companies seem to be more open to hardware and software solutions now more than ever.  In fact, many security companies are wholeheartedly embracing the ability of hardware and software to help improve the way that their companies run.

If you attended ASIS 2017 and don’t agree with my observations, or I missed some glaring ones, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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