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Incident Analysis Tools For is proud to announce the introduction of our Incident Analysis Tools.  All incidents that are entered into by your officers can now be used to generate aggregate and graphical reports for analysis.

By using these new incident analysis tools, you and your clients can take advantage of the data captured in your incident reports to generate information that is usable and objective.  The tools that we provide allow you to use Incident Analysis as a value added service that can help your clients reduce risk, minimize theft, and mitigate other business losses or discontinuity.   

These new reporting tools will also allow you to demonstrate your company’s effectiveness in several key areas:

  1. Improving situational awareness
  2. Supporting Informed decision making
  3. Improving communication
  4. Increasing support for the security function

Now incident analysis that would have taken days or weeks to generate can now be done instantly.

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Marketing Your Security Guard Services With Video

marketing your security guard services

In recent years social media has become the rage for companies looking to market their businesses online.  But if you are one of the 60% of businesses that say that you don’t see any ROI from social media then you are probably looking for another method of marketing your security guard services online.  If that is the case, then you should try using video as a form of marketing.  In fact, recent research has overwhelmingly supported the use of  videos for marketing your security guard services.  Here are just a few of the numbers that support using videos:

  1. Online video is viewed by 85% of the US internet population and is the most consumed content format online.
  2. The total number of online videos watched has increased by 800% in the last six years.
  3. YouTube has 153 million unique viewers and is the #2 search engine in the world.

 Creating Videos For Marketing Your Security Guard Services

I have been asked many times about how we create our videos for  So I’ve decided to supply a quick primer on our process.  Many people are surprised by how simple and inexpensive it is.  All that you will need is the following:  1. Your favorite presentation software (Powerpoint, Prezi, etc.); 2. Screen recording software (i.e. ScreenFlow for Mac’s, Camtasia for Windows, etc); 3. Your imagination.

The first step in the process is creating a presentation that will serve as the content for your video.  Make sure to use all the cool slide transitions and animations supplied with your presentation software.  However, keep in mind that this is not a presentation, so keep the slides simple and clean.  Here is an example of a presentation.

Second, after you have designed your presentation write out a script to go along with it.  I have found that it is helpful to mark the transition points on the script to note when I should be advancing through the slides.  That way you don’t have to try to watch the screen as your are reading the script.

The last step is to record your full screen presentation and your voice over using using your preferred screen recording software.  This step is the most difficult if you are not already familiar with your software.  If this is your first time using screen recording software there are hundreds of online tutorials available on YouTube to guide you.  I use ScreenFlow and have found the Macintoshtipz YouTube Channel extremely useful.

If you so choose, adding a music track to your video can provide a really nice touch.  You can find royalty free music sites like Incompetech using any internet search engine.  When adding a music track be sure that it is royalty free for commercial use.

Here is a sample video that I created for a fictitious company.


Although social media is great, marketing your security guard services using video should be one of the tools that you have in your marketing arsenal.  If you have questions about marketing your security guard services using the process outlined above, please feel free to contact us using the CONTACT US form to the right.  If you found this article useful, please subscribe to our blog using the SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL section at the top right side of the page.


By Courtney Sparkman

Is Your Security Guard Business Behind The Curve?


We here at have recently been talking with security guard business managers and owners who are starting to see the importance of being able to offer technology as part of their service.  In several instances they’ve lost bids for not being able to offer capabilities like digital reporting.  In other cases their existing contracts have been bid out just to see what other companies are offering in terms of technology.  These conversations have led me to ask “How many security guard businesses are behind the curve?”

Although I could talk for days about how digital reporting can help security guard businesses get ahead of the curve, I won’t.  Instead, I want to talk about getting ahead of the curve as an overarching business concept.  So what does it take to get ahead of the curve?

Getting Your Security Guard Business Ahead of the Curve

The secret to getting and staying ahead of the curve is never becoming complacent with the status quo.  But unfortunately, I think that as an industry that is what has happened.  To get back on track we need to start thinking less about attracting more customers and more about solving customers’ problems.  But in order to do this, security guard businesses must commit to the following course of action.

Empathize with your customers

If you’re looking to get your security guard business ahead of the curve, the first thing you need to do is look at your business from your customers’ perspective.  What does your client want?  Keep in mind that many times that will be different than what you think they want.  After you find out what that is, figure out a way to give it to them. Which leads to the next action…


What’s the last true innovation that you introduced to your customers?  I was once told by a VP of a large multi-national firm that if your company is not innovating your company is dying.  To remain competitive you must be willing to think outside of the box.  Trying new ideas is a must, because if you don’t your customers will notice.  They will begin to see you as just one of many companies that offer the same product and profit margins on homogenous products tend to be pretty thin.  Please keep in mind that telling customers that “We train our guards the best” or “We hire only the best officers” is not innovative, whether it is true or not.  Your competitors are saying the same thing.

Take Risks 

When your business seems to be doing well, it easy to get stuck in a routine.  Taking risks will help break you out of that routine and is a great way to test yourself and your company.   In many ways being successful is all about knowing how much risk to take.  If you aren’t taking risks, you probably aren’t seeing much growth.  Richard Branson would totally agree.  

Don’t patch, replace

Speaking from experience, often times many managers and  owners are so busy working “IN” their businesses that they forget to work “ON” their businesses.  There are probably  issues that you are facing daily that if you focused on the big picture, you could fix permanently with a little extra work.  Don’t continue patching problems until a time that your client is making you address it.  Replace broken processes regularly.

In the words of Thomas Edison “There’s a way to do it better—find it.”


By Courtney Sparkman

6 Advantages Of Hiring With A Security Management Recruiter

security management recruiterWhen it comes to hiring a new Physical Security Manager, Director of Business Development, or other key executive team member for your security agency or in-house security department, you should not overlook the benefits of working with an executive recruiter.  The total cost of online job postings, applicant tracking systems, phone screens, reference checks, background checks, skills testing and HR staff wages, among other expenses, can be as high as $18,795.00 (according to for a new hire. While no recruiter can guarantee a candidate’s long-term success, cultural and overall fit within a position, a recruiter who is focused within the security industry can significantly increase its likelihood.  In fact, there are several distinct advantages to working with an executive recruiter focused on the security industry, aka Security Management Recruiter.

Security Management Recruiters Provide More Than Resumes

Security management recruiters provide 6 distinct advantages to their clients:

1. Security Industry expertise: Security management recruiters are hiring specialists; they concentrate in a particular segment of the market to develop expertise in relevant language, regulations, industry trends and competitors’ strategies.  Recruiters focused in a particular niche – like security – also bring an additional layer of credibility to their knowledge and expertise. This makes them especially valuable in quickly identifying qualified candidates with top-notch talent.

2. Confidentiality: When a manager needs to ensure that a position’s vacancy remains a secret, they can count on a recruiter to take care of the search in confidence.  An employer might want to keep a role confidential due to it being occupied by a current employee or conceal a vacancy from competitors, to name a few reasons.  These are legitimate concerns that any security management recruiter will honor throughout the search.  Otherwise, the recruiter risks losing the employer’s business (and spoiling their reputation) by betraying the client’s confidence.

3. Expansive (and ever-expanding) network: Recruiters have their own databases of qualified candidates – often thousands – from which they can select the best possible professionals for a position. If their database doesn’t yield the right person for the role, the recruiter will take advantage of further networking techniques to continue to search for the perfect fit.

4. Prescreen to confirm fit: If a recruiter chooses a handful of candidate resumes at random and distributes them for an employer to review, is the security management recruiter adding anything of value to the employer’s hiring process? I would suggest they are not. Instead, the recruiter will screen qualified candidates to ensure their fit for the position.  If the employer has expressed the necessity for a candidate to have CPP certification with exactly five to eight years of experience, including p&l responsibility, the recruiter must confirm that any candidate submitted for consideration has the credentials required.

5. Sensitivity to time: Recruiters thoroughly understand the urgency of searches for their clients; they’re aware that a business suffers when a position is vacant or the incumbent is under-performing.  Working in a profession that revolves around finding the right candidates as quickly as possible, recruiters are experts at sourcing and delivering quality professionals in a timely manner.  Pinnacle Placements limits the number searches we work on simultaneously in order not to dilute our efforts.

6. Payment contingent on success:  A contingency recruiter is only paid by an employer if his or her candidate is selected for hire. Compared to the cost of hiring, the security management recruiter’s placement fee is cost-effective.  Employers thus take little financial risk by engaging the services of a recruiter, because payment is only required upon selection and successful performance of a candidate who was chosen from a group of other high-caliber professionals.

Keep in mind that the businesses moving forward in today’s world are those committed to hiring the best talent available.  Talent that can effectively sourced by an adept security management recruiter.

By David Lammert

_____________________________________________________________________________ would like to thank David Lammert for being our first guest blogger.  David is founder and President of Pinnacle Placements. Pinnacle Placements is an executive search firm with core expertise in recruiting within the security industry. David can be reached via email at or by phone at 415-495-7170. Visit:  

Over-Communicating With Clients Benefits Your Business


In the world of security guard services, as well as most other industries, the basic rule of thumb is that the client’s needs always come first. The more that you facilitate and value over-communicating with clients to unearth their needs, the better your chances are of growth!

Please note the use of the phrase “OVER-communicating with clients”.  In this highly competitive industry, this phrase is more appropriate because simply “communicating” with clients is not enough.  Your customers are receiving calls from your competition daily, so you need to go beyond the accepted methods and frequency of communication. You need to be over-communicating with clients to remind them that you are there to fill their needs.

What is over-communicating with clients?

As competition between security guard vendors grows more fierce, companies are beginning to realize the importance of over-communication. Simply put, to over-communicate with clients means consistently repeating a message to drive home its importance and making sure that the client is aware of  it.  This message or theme should be driven by your company’s mission or other long term goals.  Remember that when over-communicating with clients, your organization should utilize all methods of communication.  These methods must include emails, newsletters, phone calls, social media, and in-person meetings.


You’ll know what they really want

No matter how large or small your security guard business, strong communication is the key to understanding what the customer is really asking of you. Emails, frequent alerts and even extra calls will bridge the gap between you and your customer. Over-communicating with your clients will help ensure that you both stay on the same page by clearing up any misconceptions and it also helps them understand your services in finer detail. Often, this helps reduce the number of problems that turn into fires that need to be extinguished.

The client will trust you more

When you over-communicate, your client will be more understanding of your company’s services, commitment, and capabilities.  This understanding will lead to a more trusting relationship, which will make the renewal of your contract much easier. A little extra attention in providing information to your customers never goes to waste.

Don’t fear over-communicating

Over-communication is a great way to boost your reputation and gain more customer referrals. Although many companies believe that over-communicating will somehow bother their clients, the truth is  that clients want to know more about you.  Although communicating too much may be a reality for consumer brands, your clients interact with your brand on a daily basis.  The information that you provide in your communication helps reassure them that you have not forgotten about their needs. When formulating your communication plan, be sure that the information that you supply delivers true value to your customers. Furthermore, to ensure that you are not going over the top, remember to balance your communication strategy with both push and pull forms of communication.

Over time, over-communicating with clients gives you an ongoing opportunity to educate your clients about your organization and educates you about theirs.  So put the fear of over-communicating behind you and let your customers tell you what is too much. 


By Courtney Sparkman