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Post Orders, Key to Success or Just Unnecessary Paper?

site-post-ordersSo are post orders key to successfully providing security guard service or just unnecessary paperwork that your clients want? Hopefully you already know that your post orders are the foundation for successfully servicing your security guard customers.  If you don’t know, check out this presentation by Brian Taylor on Post Order Design, Development, and Implementation to find out why.

Although the contract between you and your client addresses topics like when and how many officers are needed at the site, it is the site post orders that detail the specific duties that your Continue reading

Give Your Security Guard Clients More Than They Expect

security-guard-clients-expectAs a security guard company you must always show your security guard clients that they are worth your time and effort.  At least that is what I believed when I was selling security guard services.   I always found that providing high levels of customer service and responsiveness were key in keeping customers happy.   Continue reading


Bridging The Gap Between Security Vendor And Partner

In today’s business environment where resources are scarce and sometimes non-existent, how do your customers find answers to the challenges that they face?  If they have the time, they might try searching the internet or posting questions on sites like Quora or LinkedIn.  All of which can provide great answers, but would your customers ever consider using your company as a resource? If not, chances are they see you as just a security vendor.

Consider this, you probably have clients that are fairly similar and have faced and solved many of the same types of challenges.  So if your customers aren’t leveraging you as a resource, both you and your customers are missing a huge opportunity.  Here are a couple of great examples of how I have seen clients tap their vendor networks to help solve some of their challenges.

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