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5 Terms In A Security Guard Contract That You Should Understand

Sooner or later it happens to you: You’re in the process of courting a new client, one that can really make a difference for your business. Everything seems to be going well, until it comes time to start discussing the security guard contract and then they begin asking questions about those terms that you’ve always meant to figure out. Now what?

It’s always best to have your own contract ready — one that your own legal counsel has gone over with you — so you don’t have to rely on the client’s language. But some potential clients might want to use their contract language, and that can increase your risk to a level you don’t want to take on. The Mechanic Group, a provider of insurance for private security firms, has created a quick primer to get you up to speed on terms that every security company executive should know, with the understanding that you should always consult your own legal counsel before signing any contract.  Here is a summary of their primer. Continue reading


How to Put Your Customers First — And Why You Should

Last week we held our first Security Guard Product Showcase, with Paperless Proposal. The response was fantastic — it filled up quickly and was packed with information. We are excited about hosting the showcases because they uphold our idea that “When our customers win, we here at win”. With all the live questions and responses, it was clear that Paperless Proposal would be a valuable resource for our customers.

To watch the video of the Security Guard Product Showcase click here. Continue reading