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Is Your Security Guard Time and Attendance Software Helping You Do Something Illegal?

security-guard-time-and-attendance-softwareAs a software company that provides security guard time and attendance software, there is a question that I get all the time. That question is “Do you have a feature that allows me to automatically adjust my officers’ clock in times to the time the shift starts?”  To some people that might seem like a harmless question, but to me that’s a little scary. That’s because adjusting an employee timecard without their consent is VERY ILLEGAL!

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Smart Features Are Like Magic For Your Security Company

smart-features-magicUntil now has done a good job of providing you with an easy way to monitor your security officers’ activity, collect and disseminate reports, and manage your security officers’ time and attendance.  But now, we are embarking on a new phase in our software development. The new phase of the development is implementation of what we call Smart Features.  Smart Features will allow the software to act like a magical 24-hour supervisor that doesn’t need to be paid, doesn’t sleep on the job, or call off from work on holidays.  Like any good supervisor, the software will help to ensure that your officers are following your policies and procedures.  The Smart Features will monitor your officers to ensure that they are arriving at work on time and once they are there, ensure that they are performing patrols, and/or are alert and safe.

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Why My Guard Tour Tracking Software Is Better Than Your Wand

guard-tour-tracking-softwareI usually share these two stories with customers who are evaluating our security guard tour tracking software, but I thought it would be great to share them with you too.  When we first launched, we wanted to develop a comprehensive security guard management software suite.  The first module in that suite was our Reporting Software which included daily activity reports, incident reports, maintenance reports, etc.  Within months of launching that module we began receiving requests to integrate tour reports from our customers’ wand based guard tour tracking software into our system.  Although it would have been a relatively simple integration, I thought that we could provide a better tour tracking solution.  Back in the early 2000’s when I was managing my security guard company, I had several experiences with those systems that made me believe that we could do it better. Two particular instances stand out in my mind.

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Version 3.0 Is Here!!!

version-3.0 We are happy to announce the introduction of version 3.0 of our software.  We would like to thanks all of our clients for providing all the insights that we used to create our newest version.  Your input was, is, and will always be invaluable!!!  There are plenty of new features that we can’t wait for you to see, including:

Improved Security Guard Reporting App

  • GPS verification of arrival at site
  • Customizable Reports
  • Upgraded Report Functionality
  • Email Multiple Clients
  • Individual Usernames and Password For Each Officer
  • and More…

Improved Web Portal

  • Streamlined Access
  • More User Friendly
  • Setup Multiple Users For Your Accounts
  • Branded Reports
  • Print and PDF Functionality
  • and More…

NEW! Officer Tour Tracking

  • Track Your Officers From The Same Device
  • Real Time Tracking of Your Officers
  • QR Code Functionality
  • Available On Android Devices

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Version 3.0 Is Coming!

version-3.0Version 3.0 of our popular Security Officer Reporting Software launches on November 10, 2013 with plenty of new features including:

    • GPS verifications
    • User determined customizations
    • Multi-user assignments
    • Branded reporting
    • Print and .pdf functionality
    • Real time officer tour tracking (additional cost)
    • and more

To schedule a demonstration please contact us!

Create Checklists For Post Orders And Procedures

post-orders-checklistAlthough many people consider checklists to be both dehumanizing and mundane, I believe they should play a prominent role in both your post orders and your emergency control procedures.  Many people value the benefits of having checklists in their personal lives, but very few implement them in their business lives.

The Importance of Checklists

Let me start off by saying that checklists can save lives.  For proof I offer you a case study on Dr. Peter Pronovost.  Dr. Pronovost created the grand daddy of all checklists for the John Hopkins University School of Medicine.   While working at the hospital, Dr. Pronovost had become frustrated with the infections that many of the patients were developing from their intravenous (IV) lines.  As a result of that frustration, Dr. Pronovost created a simple 5 step checklist.  The checklist gave very straight forward advice to the hospital staff: Wash your hands before inserting an IV, the patient’s skin should be cleaned prior to the IV being inserted, etc., etc.  As you can see, the list was nothing revolutionary.  But the results on the other hand, were very surprising.  18 months after instituting the checklists IV infections were virtually eliminated which saved the hospital nearly $175 million…not to mention the 1,500 lives that were saved.  I repeat “Checklists can save lives!”  Now that we have established the viability of checklists in the workplace, let’s consider how to implement them at your company.

Checklists and Your Post Orders

As we all know, post orders are critical to your security officers’ success at your clients’ facilities.  It is generally accepted that post orders should be as concise as possible, be simply written, and written at the lowest readability possible.  Because the time that it takes to read instructions is directly related to the ability to comprehend, the longer is takes to read the post orders the more likely they won’t be understood or remembered.

So rather than putting together a 100-page post order manual that no one will read or understand, write your post orders as simple checklists.  Plainly outline, the who, what, when, where, why, and how for each officer for each shift.  A more complete and detailed copy of the post orders can be retained by supervisory personnel if necessary.

Checklists and Emergency & Incident Management

Although post orders are important for your officers’ success, your emergency control procedures are critical in ensuring your officers’ and clients’ safety, health, and well-being. Let’s consider the typical makeup of a security manual’s emergency control procedures:

  • Definitions
  • Classifications
  • On-site organization
  • Security and safety interface plan
  • Natural disasters
  • Bomb threats
  • Civil or internal disorders
  • Labor disputes and disturbances
  • Evacuation plans and actions

Imagine how complex the instructions for any of these sections can be.  Then imagine trying to read or remember any of them during an actual incident.  In fact, there was a story in the news recently about a security officer that left his post at an airport during a fire alarm because he didn’t know what to do.  Although there is a good chance that he was trained to respond to such emergencies, providing him with an easily referenced checklist would have been ideal.  This line of thinking is also the reason that we developed the Incident Checklist feature for our Security Guard Reporting App.

Whatever your security guard company considers important, put it in a checklist.  But more importantly, creating checklists for your post orders and incident procedures will save time, brain power, and maybe even a life.


By Courtney Sparkman

Incident Analysis Tools For is proud to announce the introduction of our Incident Analysis Tools.  All incidents that are entered into by your officers can now be used to generate aggregate and graphical reports for analysis.

By using these new incident analysis tools, you and your clients can take advantage of the data captured in your incident reports to generate information that is usable and objective.  The tools that we provide allow you to use Incident Analysis as a value added service that can help your clients reduce risk, minimize theft, and mitigate other business losses or discontinuity.   

These new reporting tools will also allow you to demonstrate your company’s effectiveness in several key areas:

  1. Improving situational awareness
  2. Supporting Informed decision making
  3. Improving communication
  4. Increasing support for the security function

Now incident analysis that would have taken days or weeks to generate can now be done instantly.

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Incident Report Software Upgrade

incident-report-software-upgradeAs continues to create features, products, and services that fulfill the needs of our customers, we are excited to announce that we have rolled out a GREAT new feature for our Incident Report Software.

Incident Report Software Amendments

Our Incident Report Software is meant to help your security officers record details of an unusual event that occurs at your clients’ facilities.  Our software allows the officer to record these details via a mobile device like a smartphones or tablet.  The Incident Report Software is intended to help the security officers record the exact details of the occurrences while they are fresh on the officer’s mind.  Because the software is accessed via a mobile device, also gives the officer the ability to attach images and videos to the report directly from the smart device.

With the new Incident Report Software upgrade, you and your supervisors now have the ability to log on to and amend your officer’s incident report.  Because you are only amending the report, the original report stays intact which allows for better auditing of the report.  To add an amendment, just log in to your account and choose Incident Report from your report options.  The spaces for amendments are outlined below in red.


Incident Report Software Data Download

In addition to now being able to amend your incident reports, you can also download the data from your reports.  Once you have downloaded the data to a spreadsheet, you can perform incident analysis on incident types, times, locations, etc.  The option to download the data can be found in the top right hand corner of your search results screen, as seen in the image below.



If you are current client, please Log In to your account to see the changes.  If you are not currently a client, please feel free to Sign Up and try FREE for 30 days.  If you have questions, or would like to schedule an online demo of our Security Guard Reporting App, please feel free to contact us at our offices at (888) 511-9811.

Daily Activity Report Software and More

Daily Activity Report SoftwareWhen first launched, we focused on developing 2 separate products: Daily Activity Report Software and Incident Report Software.  But since then, has developed into much more and our most recent feature rollout continues on that path.  We have grown into a company that provides security guard vendors a plethora of ways to save money, provide added value to customers, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

1st Rollout: Daily Activity Report Software, Incident Report Software, and Maintenance Request Software

2nd Rollout: Pass On Log Software, Truck Logging Software, and Incident Checklist  

Most Recent Rollout: Visitor Log Software, Post Order software, Policy Manual software, and Vacation Request software.

As always, this additional software is incorporated into our Security Officer Reporting App.  The app allows security officers to capture and submit information while on post.  Security guard vendors, supervisors, and their clients have access to this information in real-time.

To see our software in action please visit our Product Page, Sign-up for a FREE 30 Day Trial, or visit our YouTube Channel.

Thank you to the countless security guard vendors that we’ve talked with regarding your wants and needs.  We look forward to continuing to bring you products that help improve your efficiency.





By Courtney Sparkman

Security Officer Pass On Log via

Security Officer Pass On’s Security Officer Pass On Log is the easiest way for your security officers to pass on information from shift to shift and officer to officer.  The shift notes that the officers submit in the Pass On Log are stored in the cloud and can be easily found and reviewed by all the site’s officers. The Pass On Log helps to ensure that all the officers have been informed of new occurrences or instructions on-site.

Take a look at the video and then Sign Up to see how helps security officers maintain a consistent flow of vital information.

Security Officer Pass On Log


By Courtney Sparkman