Security Officer Daily Activity Report via

Security Officer Daily Activity ReportSecurity Officer Daily Activity Reports are one of the common denominators amongst most, if not all, security forces across the country.  These reports are used by every security officer to document their activities while on duty.  These reports are typically provided to the security officer’s client, so they need to be legible, accurate, and thorough.  The information in a security officer daily activity report can vary from company to company, but they will all include details about certain basic information:

Security Officer Daily Activity Report Details

  • Officer’s Full Name
  • Date & Time
  • Post s/he is working
  • Place for the observations that they make during their tour of duty.
  • Place to verify authenticity (i.e. signature line)

Paper Reports vs. Digital Reports

Because security officer daily activity reports are used every hour, of every day, by every security officer, the number of reports can accumule quickly.  As a result, the information contained in those reports can be lost in the stacks of paper that get filed away in desk drawers and file cabinets.  But when security guard contractors convert from paper reports to digital reports, it allows the information contained in those reports to be easily archived and retrieved.  Take a look at our video to see how our Security Guard Reporting App eliminates paper security officer daily activity reports.







By Courtney Sparkman